Thai Iced Tea



Spring has hit New York! The temperature reached 70 degrees two days ago, and I decided to go into Spice on Astor Place to try their Thai Iced Tea…..It is SOO good!! And it lasted me for two days! Because it is so super sweet, they will pour cow’s milk into it to make it less sweet. I told them to just fill it up with tea because of my love for soymilk (which they did not have). By the time I got home, I had had a couple of sips of the tea, so there was room in the container for soymilk from my fridge….:)! WOW! You have to try this with soymilk!! Bring your own containter to Spice!! I am not joking :)

Admiring my #1 favorite Thai Iced Tea in Manhattan so far……

And if you are not in Manhattan: You CAN MAKE YOUR OWN THAT ICED TEA AT HOME

Happy Spring Everyone!

Spice Astor Place

77East 10th Street


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